Sunday, February 1, 2015

Skank turned rescuer

Tammy Woods forgot to mention the vicious LIE she created and circulated.  Isn't that libel?  When you sully someone's rep, create a false and misleading rumor to defame them and keep the LIE going? Woods knows what she did, so do many others including her fellow LEO's, they were all disgusted she kept this lie going.  She should be punished. Sued into the ground and maybe her shitty police department for letting this skank get away with the LIE. That goes for her Number #1 shit talker, Rose Hirst dispensing the "Moody threatened a cop" bit too. Compulsive liar. The definition of such a liar is interesting, it fits both Rose Hirst and Tammy Woods to a T:

Control and Manipulation

People will sometimes lie because they want something they wouldn't be able to get otherwise. The lying continues because the person craves the attention and thrill of getting away with it or in an attempt to manipulate the victim of the lies even further. Sometimes, they use "gas lighting," a technique where they convince others that their realities are incorrect and only the liar knows what "really happened."

Rose knew better too. In better times she admitted she knew Tammy was a boozing, lying whore. Those gutless freaks that jumped on the beat-Moody-down wagon had no integrity either to involve themselves in such a revolting LIE.  They knew about Wood's dramas.

Dog Rescues huh? Do they know what a venomous bitch you are Tammy Woods?  What a revolting ho you used to be known on AOL service, a whore who used her police position to run her boyfriend(s), their ex girlfriends and anyone you hated on in chat rooms behaving like a school girl scorned?  Do they know this at Whispering Woods Animal Rescue???

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


RUMVODAKA: hmmmm I am an old OFFDUTYCOP chatter , interesting profile you have going here
MoodyAsMoodyGets: When is the last time you were in ODC?
RUMVODAKA: its been awhile 
RUMVODAKA: but I predicted they would out do themselves and they DID
RUMVODAKA: they cat scratched each other right out of their own room
MoodyAsMoodyGets: Well I had a bit of a falling out by one cop who hassled the hell out of me
RUMVODAKA: let me tell you this much
MoodyAsMoodyGets: yes?
RUMVODAKA: the enitre room had problems , which means the people the regs in their were goddamn idiots  
RUMVODAKA: and it does not matter cop or not, AOL attracts MANY LOSERS
MoodyAsMoodyGets: Man you are not kidding there!
RUMVODAKA: as far as the fact he was a cop

MoodyAsMoodyGets: he was a she
RUMVODAKA: that meant nothing becasue on aol everyone is something THEY ARE NOT 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: she's a total DISGRACE to the uniform the hell I went thru was unbelievable 
RUMVODAKA: well I knew one lady cop and I HATED HER
RUMVODAKA: shes a pig 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: AOLHELL doesn't give a rat's ass about their members they fucking dropped the ball 
RUMVODAKA: in more words then one 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: was it Tammy Woods?
RUMVODAKA: she is a loser
MoodyAsMoodyGets: She fucked me up but good
MoodyAsMoodyGets: turned most of the room against me 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: and came out as clean as a dove on it
MoodyAsMoodyGets: YUP 
RUMVODAKA: well it may seem like she came out clean
RUMVODAKA: but it aint over 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: She threatened to come and handcuff me herself
RUMVODAKA: she for sure did not come out clean 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: I turned her over to her Chief, he did nothing 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: I turned her over to I.A. they did nothing 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: finally and recently I turned her over to the FBI
MoodyAsMoodyGets: they've done nothing! 
RUMVODAKA: most to all of the men in their knew she was a worth nothing 
RUMVODAKA: well let me ask you this
MoodyAsMoodyGets: go ahead
RUMVODAKA: what do you want anyone in her dept to do about her shit head language and loose ways on aol
MoodyAsMoodyGets: I'm glad you paged me :=) this has been sooooo hurtful 
RUMVODAKA: as long as the bitch did her job what can they do 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: her threats
MoodyAsMoodyGets: she isn't doing her job right anymore
RUMVODAKA: look you should have copy and pasted them
MoodyAsMoodyGets: she needs lookin into
MoodyAsMoodyGets: I did 
RUMVODAKA: all things come out in the end 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: I sent them
MoodyAsMoodyGets: with a floppy in their true format
MoodyAsMoodyGets: untouched
RUMVODAKA: she will be busted on day 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: fuckers did nothing and still she boasts of my threats TO HER!!!!
MoodyAsMoodyGets: I hope she is horrid 
RUMVODAKA: how and what did she do to you if I can ask
MoodyAsMoodyGets: I had guys paging me and talking shit all from her noise
MoodyAsMoodyGets: sure you got some time?
RUMVODAKA: ok wait
MoodyAsMoodyGets: she came in ODC one night
RUMVODAKA: are you a female or make uynder cover here ?
MoodyAsMoodyGets: drunk high on pills and attacked me
MoodyAsMoodyGets: I'm female
RUMVODAKA: if you are a female and good looking SHE WILL ATTACK
MoodyAsMoodyGets: I'm very good looking 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: blonde 
RUMVODAKA: she can not take any good looking girls in the room 
RUMVODAKA: can I ask what youre screen name was ?
MoodyAsMoodyGets: we used to be sorta friends when she was humping Steve
MoodyAsMoodyGets: MoodyBluer 
RUMVODAKA: ok steve lyons 
RUMVODAKA: her x boyfriend I know himn WELL 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: He's in the same department with her
RUMVODAKA: poor guy 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: He got screwed by her 
RUMVODAKA: well he asked for it 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: and he still defended her "honor" 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: Get this 
RUMVODAKA: he wanted to date her and why I have no idea 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: He was dating if you wanna call it that "DriveWild"
MoodyAsMoodyGets: Tammy looked into California files on Vickii 
RUMVODAKA: well msdeamnor2 you 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: Tammy is supposed to be Steve's Superior 
RUMVODAKA: good ole viccki are friends 
RUMVODAKA: yes she is steves superior 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: Vic got screwed 
RUMVODAKA: steve is a whimp for putting up with this shit
MoodyAsMoodyGets: BUT Tammy did the same thing to me she did to Vic, she spread horrible unbelievable lies 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: Damn straights he is
RUMVODAKA: Vicki and tammy are friends 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: he sent me a horrible note after the night Woods ripped me a new one 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: Their friends again? Yer kidding! 
RUMVODAKA: steve wrote you a note defending tammy 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: yup 
RUMVODAKA: what the fuck do you still have that email?
RUMVODAKA: she cut him up and spit him out 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: that he was gonna have me put in a mental ward for hassling her or some such blither
RUMVODAKA: made a total ass of him in the chat room 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: not that one, my friend's computer was stolen about the time all this shit-ola was going on 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: and those 2 letters were on his computer
RUMVODAKA: oh well they all deserve each other 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: I've got ALL the shit she IM'd me that night
RUMVODAKA: the entire room fucked each otehr 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: yeah it did 
RUMVODAKA: that room fucked everyone
RUMVODAKA: steve fucked everyone in the room and she did too 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: but the hate that went around there were too many against me I had to quit my account 
RUMVODAKA: and everyoine fucked everyone else 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: Can I ask who you are? 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: what was yer name then?
MoodyAsMoodyGets: user name?
RUMVODAKA: confidenceuc 
RUMVODAKA: no problem I have NOTHING to hide 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: don't recognize 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: kewl 
RUMVODAKA: was in ther room and saw alot 
RUMVODAKA: lol trust me
MoodyAsMoodyGets: I figger the FBI is investigating me!
RUMVODAKA: now I will have to cancel my eamil to steve 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: Did you "see" me then?
MoodyAsMoodyGets: He's a woosey 
RUMVODAKA: since I didnt know alot of this stuff
MoodyAsMoodyGets: hee hee 
RUMVODAKA: I knew some to most but not all of this 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: You wanna see those IM's?
MoodyAsMoodyGets: It will blow you away! 
RUMVODAKA: yes can I please 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: Can you hold on? 
RUMVODAKA: yes may I see them 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: You type fast!  
RUMVODAKA: yep I do 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: refreshing to have someone keep up with me~ 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: hold on 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: Man or woman? Haven't checked yer prof 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: Do you remember when that shit about all those user names starting with ODC started? 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: kewl 
RUMVODAKA: nope I came into ODC 2 years ago 
RUMVODAKA: stayed about a year and got the hell out
MoodyAsMoodyGets: Should I send the IM's one at a time? 
RUMVODAKA: yes please 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: there are 4 
RUMVODAKA: send 2 of them ok 
MoodyAsMoodyGets: ok here we go....!!! 
(each IM was logged, in form, saved then sent to aol TOS, Woods persisted in IM'ing Moody 4 times.  So whose threatening who now?)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tammy was the biggest slut on aol everyone knew this


The Rose Zone: moody is not a convict
The Rose Zone: she is not a cop killer 

BdAzzDuck: mmm who is TXDEP???
The Rose Zone: yes
The Rose Zone: how did u know

The Rose Zone: no way 
BdAzzDuck: got the court record???
BdAzzDuck: case number??? 
BdAzzDuck: what's the case number???

Pitf2: not bigger than me..... 
BdAzzDuck: was she sentenced???

And the former deputy Robert Casey aka as TxDep aka as a asshole who should have lost his job long ago. He did finally for being a dirt bag. How's selling those refrigs working out for you buddy!  All the roomies hated this fucker. He lost his wife, his kids, his job from all the people he fucked with on aol.  18 people complained and filed on him to his black Captain.  Was it sensible to be calling people to make stupid comments too while on patrol? Bet you wished u didn't do that now refrig man.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shameful behavior for a police officer

What is one to think of a woman, a police officer who sits in aol chat room and fakes crap up to be popular.  A "professional" no less.  A cop pulling these skanky high school games.  Yup she did it on Leslie J. Monroe, her friend.  They were friends!!!  Officer Tammy Woods decided to target Moody one night.  Some of us who were in that chat room saw what Officer Woods did as a joke.  What a cruel joke it's been.  No one could believe a police officer could behave this way.

Woods harassed Moody, even when Moody could see Woods was beyond rational conversation and kept closing their IM, Woods pursued Moody.  The  shit of making those forged comments up and sending those around for all to see.  Crying how Moody is trying to have her killed. How stupid.  WildXTC ("JO") knows all about Tammy Wood's forging games in IM's.  See that at bottom of this story.

Poor Moody.  Got the rap. Over and over. From a cop pretending to be threatened.

The psycho did this to this poor woman and we are posting the whole thing so that maybe someday those asses over there in IA will get the point they got a DIRTY COP in their ranks. She stinks!

September 5, 1999

LdyBluQQ4U: you fuckin prozac queen
What the hell is bothering you that you would ATTACK me like that?
LdyBluQQ4U: ill kick your lame fuckin ugly useless ass
I've never taken Prozac in my life
MoodyBluer: Yer sick
MoodyBluer: Obviously something has happened for you to behave like you are
LdyBluQQ4U: Leslie no one wants you in ODC get the fuck lost
LdyBluQQ4U: & yes me & Mike are like to peas in a pod
LdyBluQQ4U: so fuck off him
MoodyBluer: Why?
LdyBluQQ4U: and youll be fuckin sorry you ever crossed my path
For telling you to chill out?
MoodyBluer: Yeah yeah that's real professional
LdyBluQQ4U: you should have stayed the fuck outta it
LdyBluQQ4U: who the fuck are you to jump on my ass
LdyBluQQ4U: dont you dare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No it sounds like YOU shudda stayed out, there is something wrong with you!
LdyBluQQ4U: im not Neon, or EWWsusie
LdyBluQQ4U: im me bitch & im a mean mutha Fucka
Glad to hear that
MoodyBluer: Yeah and you sound DRUNK
LdyBluQQ4U: GIRL Ill never leave there, people like me there, thay all hate you
LdyBluQQ4U: they just thought you were this pouter gem
LdyBluQQ4U: but your a fake
LdyBluQQ4U: & ill make sure thay all know that
LdyBluQQ4U: GET LOST MOODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LdyBluQQ4U: or ILL MAKE SURE YOU GET LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LdyBluQQ4U: MoodyBluer: Fire is just a cock roach along with his Ho
MoodyBluer: His DRUNK HO
LdyBluQQ4U: LdyBluQQ4U: ok Moody what ever you a ho now??? hm ok
LdyBluQQ4U: MoodyBluer:
Yer drunk and rude tonight Ldy pure and simple there is no other explanation for the HATE Im
LdyBluQQ4U: hahaha your done
LdyBluQQ4U: what r u sittin there wishin you were one of us? get lost nut!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LdyBluQQ4U: hmmmm must have taken your prozac you have calmed down


LdyBluQQ4U: ummmmmm just PUNT me then...hahaha with yer useless punter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LdyBluQQ4U: MoodyBluer: Tammy im goona find you & your family & murder you all
LdyBluQQ4U: MoodyBluer: then im gonna search down Mike & kill his ass also
LdyBluQQ4U: MoodyBluer: Tammy im gona ruin you and yer hooo
LdyBluQQ4U: omg


Subj: (no subject)
Date: 10/10/99 5:40:55 PM Pacific Daylight Time
To: MoodyBluer, WLDXTC

LdyBluQQ4U: JO??? Why are you turning on me like this? 
LdyBluQQ4U: Jesus what happened to you?? 
WLDXTC: i should be asking u the same thing 
WLDXTC: thought u were better than that 
LdyBluQQ4U: better than what??? whats going on? 
WLDXTC: thought u learned after tonys games, guess it just made u wanna play em with other people  
LdyBluQQ4U: WHAT??????? 
LdyBluQQ4U: how the hell did you get involved in this shit?? 
WLDXTC: one guess 
LdyBluQQ4U: umm I have absolutely no idea 
WLDXTC: whos it involve? that i know? 
LdyBluQQ4U: who?????????? 
LdyBluQQ4U: im really lost here 
WLDXTC: mooooooooooody 
LdyBluQQ4U: ok and?? 
LdyBluQQ4U: im still confused here, what did i do to you that you would try to hurt me? 
WLDXTC: she says, u says..all a bunch of shit 
LdyBluQQ4U: but why would you get between her & i? 
LdyBluQQ4U: Jo why have you constantly turned on me? 
WLDXTC: i havent turned on neone 
LdyBluQQ4U: and for your & Leslies info, Steve knows that i know how to alter text. I showed him that a while ago when it was done to him by Moody, months ago 
WLDXTC: she asked me to show him that changing words was easy, thats all ive done 
LdyBluQQ4U: and for all the nuts on aol's information, Leslie is being investigated by the CALI Sheriffs dept for Death threats on a police officer 
LdyBluQQ4U: In adition, AOL can & has tracked the text & is able to tell when it has been forged 
WLDXTC: i dont give a shit bout ne of that, i dont know her from adam 
LdyBluQQ4U: then why the fuck would you do that???
WLDXTC: do wut?? tell him it can be changed?? 
LdyBluQQ4U: Yes?? 
LdyBluQQ4U: i thought we were friends  
WLDXTC: wuts wrong with tellin the truth? 
WLDXTC: if u told him and showed him already wuts the big deal? 
LdyBluQQ4U: thats not what im asking 
WLDXTC: then wut??  
LdyBluQQ4U: ok then i guess all the shit about playin with tony's mind should be mailed to him, because its the truth?? 
WLDXTC: for one..i havent talked to tony in a month and a half 
WLDXTC: so go for it 
LdyBluQQ4U: Hey JO, look your a loser 
LdyBluQQ4U: you cant keep a man 
LdyBluQQ4U: your a fraud 
WLDXTC: ya ya 
LdyBluQQ4U: your a nobody with nothing to your life 
LdyBluQQ4U: so fuck off asshole 
WLDXTC: bahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 
LdyBluQQ4U: go get a life 
LdyBluQQ4U: and a man of your own
WLDXTC: me??
WLDXTC: look at you 
WLDXTC: ur the one thats married 
LdyBluQQ4U: stop being jealous of me 
WLDXTC: stoopid beyatch 
WLDXTC: ohhh wuteva u old hag 
LdyBluQQ4U: your a nut 
WLDXTC: droopy tits 
LdyBluQQ4U: you make up rape stories 
WLDXTC: lmaooooooooo 
WLDXTC: ya okay
LdyBluQQ4U: you make yp love stories 
LdyBluQQ4U: you havent ever showed your self to any one on aol 
LdyBluQQ4U: your a fraud 
WLDXTC: wanna bet?? 
LdyBluQQ4U: fuck off asshole, dont ever bother me again, dont ever saend a mailing about me again 
WLDXTC: say it to my face 
WLDXTC: nstead off hiding behind aol 
WLDXTC: beyaaaaaaaaaaaatch 
LdyBluQQ4U: girl you kknow where i am come get me 
LdyBluQQ4U: see yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 
WLDXTC: will do 
WLDXTC: funny how when u get caught thats when u go psycho 
WLDXTC: u need help 
LdyBluQQ4U: nope not psycho 
WLDXTC: mental help 
WLDXTC: yup 
WLDXTC: major psycho 
LdyBluQQ4U: just tellin the facts fraud just tellin the facts 
WLDXTC: why you on leave? 
WLDXTC: ur on mental leave 
WLDXTC: psycho beyatch 
LdyBluQQ4U: whose on leave 
WLDXTC: u were 
LdyBluQQ4U: i work 5 days a week 
WLDXTC: street corner?

Ah the Good Officer lost her friendship with her friend "Jo" didn't stop with hassling just her. Officer Woods in keeping with her big fat LIE actually IM'd Moody to taunt her some more later that evening:

October 10, 1999

LdyBluQQ4U: Hey Leslie, I have info that you have now tracked down my full name & husbands name & next im sure you will find out my sons name, remember the one you threatened to murder??
LdyBluQQ4U: Now I am telling you last time
LdyBluQQ4U: I am an Officer of the Law
LdyBluQQ4U: you knowing that can be charged with a Felony, which would have a penalty of imprisonment for Making Death threats on an officer
LdyBluQQ4U: I have not sent hate mail on you as you think
LdyBluQQ4U: what yuor obsession with me is, I dont know but....
LdyBluQQ4U: I will ask you one last time to stop spreading my personal information throughtout the internet
MoodyBluer: You are PSYCHOTIC and your lies will be finally revealed.......
LdyBluQQ4U: I have approx. 4 people that have sent your IM's & Email to AOL & also sent them in US Postal to me so that I can forward them to your local authorities
LdyBluQQ4U: they have also all agreed to sign depositions in reference to the same
LdyBluQQ4U: in addition your husband & his lady are also willing to testify against you
LdyBluQQ4U: and your past actions
LdyBluQQ4U: and threats & harassement to them
LdyBluQQ4U: i have spoken to them several times in reference to this
LdyBluQQ4U: remember you gave me his ph number???
LdyBluQQ4U: he has given all information on you that is needed
MoodyBluer: Yawn you lie, the number doesn't exist....
LdyBluQQ4U: No Leslie it does..Um you know the one with the answering machine that warned you to stop the harassement??
MoodyBluer: Tammy YOU LIED plain and simple, you will be found out
LdyBluQQ4U: Leslie
MoodyBluer: Your continuing this lie is a FRAUD
MoodyBluer: and this IM is absurd
LdyBluQQ4U: your harassing a police oficer & threatend lives
MoodyBluer: No I'm not...
MoodyBluer: You have harassed me from the time YOU STARTED THIS
LdyBluQQ4U: and like I said your husband & such can testify to your character
LdyBluQQ4U: you know this is true
MoodyBluer: I don't have a husband Tammy
LdyBluQQ4U: you know they have an order against you
LdyBluQQ4U: i beg your pardon, your ex husband
MoodyBluer: Oh brother you are silly....
MoodyBluer: Nope no ex
LdyBluQQ4U: Im not going to play these AOL games anymore
MoodyBluer: Yes you are, you are riiiiight now
LdyBluQQ4U: also let your boss know at the Consulting agenecy that they will be there to interview him also
LdyBluQQ4U: I just wanted to give you 1 more opportunity to stop using my name & making threats on my job & family life to others on here
LdyBluQQ4U: all has been recorded, by absolutely none!!!!
MoodyBluer: Thank you Tammy for contacting me this evening, you have demonstrated again, it is you who continues this FRAUD
LdyBluQQ4U: The local Sherriffs Dept In the Napa Area are aware of all of this & are awaiting the paperwork from the PA State Police on you
MoodyBluer: Yes they have been contacted, by ME.
MoodyBluer: You should be able to supply your agencies with my supposed "death threats" now shouldn't you?
MoodyBluer: and AOL has been contacted, correct?
LdyBluQQ4U: Leslie...........
LdyBluQQ4U: listen dear
MoodyBluer: Then what am I still online if I'm this cop hater?
MoodyBluer: No not yer dear
MoodyBluer: Now go away Tammy Woods
LdyBluQQ4U: #1 you have lied
MoodyBluer: and get a life
MoodyBluer: NOPE you have
LdyBluQQ4U: #2 if I did make that up as you proclaim
LdyBluQQ4U: it is not a crime

MoodyBluer: Wld taught ya everything you know....
MoodyBluer: Oh? Now what your actions are, are not a crime?
MoodyBluer: Funny....

LdyBluQQ4U: Im sorry Dear, I never made a threat on yiur life
LdyBluQQ4U: all you can say about me is that I alledgedly altered your text
MoodyBluer: No you did worse, you CONTRIVED this FORGERY to continue yer hate campaign
MoodyBluer: Yes, yes you did
LdyBluQQ4U: this is not fogery my dear
MoodyBluer: You are a sick person who needs help
MoodyBluer: Oh I'm your dear now?
MoodyBluer: Funny, how can this be?
MoodyBluer: Me threatening you and all?
MoodyBluer: Wow!
LdyBluQQ4U: AOL has a paste feature un fortuately it can be sustained as forgery
MoodyBluer: AOL can read forgeries....
LdyBluQQ4U: can not, again i beg your pardon for my typo
MoodyBluer: character for character
MoodyBluer: So someday you'll cop to your lie, maybe soon and maybe save *some* face
MoodyBluer: But you are in DEEP now Lady
MoodyBluer: People would turn on you
MoodyBluer: and you don't want that
MoodyBluer: Now do you?
MoodyBluer: So keep up the lies....
LdyBluQQ4U: Darlin..... I have several friends on AOL whom I have a friendship with off line
LdyBluQQ4U: they are all that I am concerned with
MoodyBluer: Bring on the authorities, my only crime to you that night of September 5 was to ask you to chill out
LdyBluQQ4U: saving face on a outer I am not
MoodyBluer: You are sick Tammy......
LdyBluQQ4U: puter
MoodyBluer: and you were looking for a fight that night
MoodyBluer: and I was your target
LdyBluQQ4U: Darlin again.... What you alledge is not a crime
MoodyBluer: If you woulda cop to having a bad day it would have been a wash
LdyBluQQ4U: but what is a crime is the harassement & threats by you
MoodyBluer: Instead of this assinine stance
MoodyBluer: No I haven't harassed you...
LdyBluQQ4U: oh but you have
MoodyBluer: Now please go away....
LdyBluQQ4U: repeatedly
MoodyBluer: Nope
LdyBluQQ4U: i will go now
MoodyBluer: See ya in Court Tammy
MoodyBluer: Defamation of Character is costly
LdyBluQQ4U: but again.......... I will be contacting the Ex again in reference to all of this
MoodyBluer: and I'll be speaking with your Commandeer soon
MoodyBluer: blah blah blah
MoodyBluer: Yer a fake
MoodyBluer: HA
LdyBluQQ4U: LOL Ill have him call you
LdyBluQQ4U: oh damn I cant
MoodyBluer: Yeah riiiiiight
LdyBluQQ4U: LOL he is out of the unit now
LdyBluQQ4U: Again........stop the harassement..ONCE & FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD NIGHT MA'AM
MoodyBluer: Well stop contacting me!!!

So this WHORE admits what she does to people, running their protected files using her position as a police officer to gain access to PERSONAL AFFAIRS:

LdyBluQQ4U: i pulled the police reports from cali pd
LdyBluQQ4U: ok well they eventually split 
LdyBluQQ4U: she had people following him here
LdyBluQQ4U: hired a pi 

LdyBluQQ4U: he did
LdyBluQQ4U: ok 

LdyBluQQ4U: bout 2 weeks later i meet him in room here 
LdyBluQQ4U: im talkin bout riding my hore here in PD in philly 
LdyBluQQ4U: horse..lmao not hore